Lots of Windows and Many Years Experience!   
Kelly Window Cleaning has been in business in Aspen/Snowmass since 1991, providing professional window cleaning services,  year around to residential customers.
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Ladders in your Aspen Home?
Experience is indeed, “the best teacher.”   We have cleaned the windows in Aspen houses with white carpets and white dogs, authentic Classical Greek Sculpture and Leonardo De Vinci drawings on walls.  Although we can not claim to have never made a mistake, we have learned from all of our 16 years of experience and proceed with caution in every room and at every job.

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Aspen Means Year Around Window Cleaning!
Because Aspen is a two season mountain town and one of those seasons is a very long winter…  if you provide window cleaning services here you must learn how to clean windows on very cold days with snow, sometimes deep snow, on the ground! CALL US YEAR AROUND!

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We Work Around Your Schedule
Although the week before Thanksgiving, Christmas /New Years and the Forth of July are when most Aspen Home owners come to town, we can almost always accommodate our customers with a window cleaning date close to their arrival time; often within three days.

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